As you can guess, this is not a proper electronic store. It’s just a page where I list all the available releases with their price. It’s about writing down (or actually copying and pasting) what you want and writing us to ask for a quote on postage and for infos on payment methods. If you prefer to deal with a proper electronic store, don’t hesitate to move to our Bandcamp page.

ALTRO Prodotto LP
15.00 (limited edition, 300 handnumbered copies, includes download)
ALTRO Prodotto CD 10.00
ALTRO Candore CD 8.00
DIANA DARBY Fantasia Ball CD 10.00
DEEP END Tsunami CDEP 6.50
FRAMMENTI Corrono Ginocchia Sbucciate 7″ 5.00
FRAMMENTI Corrono Ginocchia Sbucciate 10″ 10.00
GIARDINI DI MIRÒ / DEEP END split 10″ 7.00 (includes download)
J CHURCH Leni Riefenstahl’s Tinder Box 7″ 5.00
BEN SERETAN Bowl Of Plums LP 15.00 (first 200 on light blue vinyl, includes download)

Other non Love Boat stuff
BEN SERETAN Past The Breakers BOOK 17.00
DISCO DRIVE Very CD 6.00 (Unhip) (My old band)
MIRAH We’re Both So Sorry 7″ 5.00 (On my mate’s old label, check Mirah’s work here)
AA.VV. Baroxmix presents Piatto Forte Vol. 1 DLP 8.00 (Duplikat) (Double vinyl with tracks by me as Repeater as well as Scuola Furano, Noblesse Oblige, Nina Leece, Fullduplex, The Nothings, Elle P, Näd Mika, Nina, Kikko Solaris & S Dub and Phonomat Berlin).

Do the math and please get in touch for postage and infos. Thanks!

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