8 song CD
December 2002
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People I Know / Geometrical Forms / Art And The Audience / I Love The People / Contemporary Apples / Weather Report / When We Were Astronauts / Airport Aesthetics

The escape from everything that is certain and measurable, the celebration of doubt as a value and uncertainty as an artistic fertilizer.
Simplicity as a goal.
Get it if Low follows Love in your record collection (but this doesn’t mean they sound exactly like any of the two, for all you metaphor haters out there).

Formerly known and appreciated worldwide as Timebomb, this band embodies the politics of drastic change as survival tactic and artistic/political statement.
First came the heavy straight edge metalcore of their earlier releases, then came the dynamic thought provoking punk-rock of The Beat Is Here Fellas, then came something completely new known as A Modern Safari. But please note this: the change was never towards whatever subgenre was -or was becoming- hip at the time. The change was towards what they felt, and what they felt was right.
So right now, and we mean yesterday, they blend classic ’60s and ’70s rock with today’s indie atmospheres, coming up with dilated evocative pop songs, and a huge feelgood vibe. The big city and a way to deal with it. Simplicity as a goal, as us and them love to say.
But right now, and we mean right now as today, where are they heading out to? Something tells us… well, nevermind.

roma1  roma2

-> DIANA DARBY Fantasia Ball (LB 12)

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