10″ EP
Silver on brown screenprinted cover

June 2002
Listen/download/buy on Bandcamp

A New Start For Shoegazing Kids (My Violent Ego Rework) / The Soft Touch of Berlin Guitarfalling (Patchanka Live Version) / C-Floor / When You’re The Lowest Common Denominator Left…

Clash of the titans.
Giardini Di Mirò, possibly Italy’s best known instrumental rock band, graces us with a shoegazing My Violent Ego rework of one of their classics (A New Start) and a blazing instrumental live version of a (then) future classic (The Soft Touch of Berlin Guitarfalling).
Deep End beats all reasonable expectations with their most ambitious music yet: longer timing, tighter musicianship and more complex song structures. Two amazing dilated indie-rocking jams. Dub without the bass.

-> A MODERN SAFARI s/t (LB 11)
<- ALTRO Candore (LB 09)

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