10″ EP (silver on brown screenprinted cover)
June 2002
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A New Start For Shoegazing Kids (My Violent Ego Rework)
The Soft Touch of Berlin Guitarfalling (Patchanka Live Version)
When You’re the Lowest Common Denominator Left…

Clash of the titans.
Giardini Di Mirò, possibly Italy’s best known instrumental rock band, graces us with a shoegazing My Violent Ego rework of one of their classics (A New Start) and a blazing instrumental live version of a (then) future classic (The Soft Touch of Berlin Guitarfalling).
Deep End beats all reasonable expectations with its most ambitious music yet: longer timing, tighter musicianship and more complex song structures. Two amazing dilated indie-rocking jams. Dub without the bass.

<- A MODERN SAFARI s/t (LB 11)
-> ALTRO Candore (LB 09)

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