4 song CDEP
April 2001
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You Wash, I’ll Dry / Niece Walker / Match-Lighter / Hey Wim… Turn The Freezer Off

Instrumental rock, with vocals. Two guitars and a drumkit, dreamy beauty and pop hooks from former members of Burning Defeat. Think of: Tristeza, early Cerberus Shoal, June Of 44, cool spring nights, the possibility of a better life.
Born out of the ashes of legendary post-hardcore band Burning Defeat, Deep End creates music that fuses beauty with uneasiness, complex patterns with pop hooks.
Born as a three piece, the band estabilished itself as one of the best independent bands in the nation, gaining much less recognition than they deserve. Their debut four song cd and their side of the 10″ split with Giardini Di Mirò stand as evidence: Umberto’s powerful and creative drumming, Lolli’s crystal-clear melodic lines, Andrea’s whispered voice and intricate guitar figures.
Forget about post-rock, you don’t need to go any further.

mnv3  mnv4

-> ALTRO Candore (LB 09)
<J CHURCH Leni Riefenstahl’s Tinder Box (LB 07)

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