3 song 7″
November 2000
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Leni Riefenstahl’s Tinder Box / Closing Time In An Early Town / Harvest

J Church released record after record all through the Nineties, giving us some of the smartest and catchiest indie-punk-pop ever.
Love Boat had the privilege of putting out a record by J Church, and it still honours us. You might say the band has releases on millions of other labels. We will say there are still billions without J Church in their catalog.
The title-track appears with an alternate mixing on the One Mississippi double album, and it’s a brilliant pop gem with a definite ’80s flavour (and Adam Pfahler from Jawbreaker is playing drums!). The other two tracks are unreleased and exclusive to this release: Closing time in an early town is 100% J Church and Harvest is a lo-fi acoustic cover of the Neil Young classic.

Rest in peace Lance Hahn, 1967-2007.
Keep overthrowing cockrock and idolizing your girlfriend, wherever you are.


-> DEEP END Tsunami (LB 08)
<- ALTRO Altro (LB 06)

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