4 song 7″ / 4 song 10″
(co-produced with El Paso, Fork Boys, Mulino Nero, Sunglasses After Ferretti, Tazzor Existence, Tenia)
May 1999
Buy 7″ on Bandcamp
10″ is sold out

Non Senza Mano Cattiva / Dicevano Di Noi / L’Uomo Nero 7 /

The sound of love and hate.
Born out of the Torino hardcore-punk scene of the mid-Nineties, Frammenti quickly became the outstanding band to follow, with energetic live shows and memorable songs that could be melodic, angry, screamed, soft, poetic and catchy at the same time.
With top packaging, the same record is available in both the cheap 7″ format and the better sounding 10″ format, but don’t ask us why.


-> ALTRO Altro (LB 06)
<- BY ALL MEANS Fino a Qui Tutto Bene (LB 04)

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