8 song LP
(co-produced with Agipunk/Alarma, Biba Records, By All Means)
May 1999
sold out

Uomo di Plastica
Fino a Qui Tutto Bene
Nella Macchina
Morbosa Attitudine
Felice di Deluderti

Brutal heavy powerful metallic hc with superfast breaks. Politically conscious lyrical content. The cover is a thick booklet with lyrics, explanations, columns and graphics.
Fino a Qui Tutto Bene is the second and final By All Means album: the band broke up right after its release and a successful american tour with Avail and Boy Sets Fire.
Member went on to play in No Somos Nada, Mourn, The Death Of Anna Karina and Nervi.


<- FRAMMENTI Corrono Ginocchia Sbucciate (LB 05)
-> LOS CRUDOS 1991-1995 los primeros gritos (LB 03)

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