27 song LP
(co-produced with countless other labels)
September 1998
sold out

Tiempos De La Miseria / Se Ve en Tu Cara / Cipayos Traidores Vendidos / Lucha Para Que Te Escuchen / Desdea Afuera / Lengua Armada / Llegan Empujando / Me Robaron / Nada Cambia / Porque / 500 Años / Eliminacion / Peleamos / Asesinos / Qué Pasò Con La Paz / Crudo Soy / Sin Caras / Las Madres Lloran / Identidad Perdida / Tu Lo Enseñaste / Vendedores De Dolor / Curiosidad / Ahora Quién Se Queja / Corrido Jodido / Escaleras / No Estoy Convencido / Ilegal Y Que!?

Los Crudos has been one of the most inspirational and powerful hardcore bands of the Nineties. This release compiles all their hard to find 7″s, split 7″s and compilation tracks and was released by Don’t Belong Records from Spain in association with a thousand other labels, including us. The US pressing was on Lengua Armada.


-> BY ALL MEANS Fino a Qui Tutto Bene (LB 04)
<NUVOLABLU Occhi Rossi a Colazione (LB 02)

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