11 song LP
European pressing (US pressing on Whatever’s Clever, tape on Hope For The Tape Deck)
8 July 2016
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You Took My Blues Away / Cottonwood Tree / Bowl Of Plums / My Lucky Stars, Part 2 / In A Twin Bed / Getting Out / Blood On The Muzzle / Thommy / Kudzu / You Are On The Water / I Like Your Size

“I’m really all flowers
inside and you can
really have them
I’ll name them
for you.”
-Eileen Myles

A greatest hits collection
A beginner’s guide to botany
The sound of one heart swelling
A book of hymns to joy
The clumsiest among us suddenly discovers grace
A bowl of plums on the table, peaceful and juicy in the afternoon sun
Rhododendron and plumeria
Dandelions and hyacinth
Honeysuckle and lavender

These songs were written on an island in Alaska, my mother’s condo in California, a greeting card factory in Queens, a pharmaceutical factory in Brooklyn, and by the light of a miniature Christmas tree. They were recorded and mixed in 7 studios in 5 different states over the course of a year. They really mean a lot to me and I hope you enjoy.

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-> SPANO. Spano. (LB16)
 Ben Seretan (LB 14)