Hey everyone!
We are very glad to announce that our next release is up for preorder starting now.

The name of the band is Spano., and you might know them because “Spa” is avantgarde guitar maestro Paolo Spaccamonti, and “no.” is ace hip hop producer Fano.
Their self-titled debut album is made of eight tracks of instrumental hip hop, with way more character and originality than your average instrumental hip hop stuff.

The album is out on CD/digital on June 18th.
First single Esther and its beautiful sci-fi videoclip are out digitally on may 28th.
Soundwall did a nice preview here.

You can preorder your copy on our Bandcamp page or – better! – sending money directly to us via Paypal (“family and friends” option):
12 euro postpaid in Italy
13 euro postpaid in Europe and Mediterranean
14 euro postpaid in America/Africa/Asia
16 euro postpaid in Oceania
(consegna a mano a Torino).

Preorder also gives you an exclusive download of non-album bonus track Love Love Love.
Direct preorder also gives you that, plus 20% discount on all the Love Boat catalog (merch included!) so take a look and don’t miss the opportunity!

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