Hey folks!
Here’s Ben Seretan’s italian shows so far.
Keep checking, because there will be more coming.
And contact Jacopo al Locusta booking if you feel like setting up a show in your hometown, house, country villa, swimming pool, roof or backyard.

16/7 Sezzadio (AL), Bliss Beat Festival
18/7 Milano, Gattò w/Waswas
21/7 Torino, SAMO
22/7 Genova, Villa Piaggio Castelletto
27/7 S. Martino Spino (MO), Barcson Vecc
28/7 Impruneta (FI), Casa del Popolo
30/7 Roma, Monk
31/7 Viterbo, Allimprovviso
4/8 Licola (NA), house show
6/8 Pesaro, Villa N’ Roll festival w/I Cani, Camillas, Wow
8/8 Tirana (Albania), The Cloud

Keep in touch!
Also, Bowl of Plums is officially out. GET IT!

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