(That’s me in Turin last July, hottest month ever, holding a Ben Seretan poster and trying to stay in the fan’s reach)

October 28th, 2014. Ben Seretan officially releases his Ben Seretan album, in just 250 copies, on a beautifully coloured double vinyl.

November 6th, 2014. The album leaks on a popular music blog, I see the cover sticking out between dozens of other covers that look the same (I guess all other covers look the same next to this one) and I see tags like “ambient”, “blues”, “country”, “drone”, “experimental”, “folk” and “gospel” thrown all together. I download it, and a story begins. A story that leads to this label putting out the album on CD a few months later in July 2015, and Ben touring Italy around that same time.

To celebrate the original release of the record, Love Boat is offering a special price on the CD, which now costs 8 euros instead of 12 (and on the CD/tote bag combo, which is now 12 instead of 15). Special offer ends on November 6th, of course.

Ben is celebrating too, with a series of great posts on his tumblr documenting the writing and recording process of the album, with pictures, personal memories and more stuff that his fans will love. Each song on the album gest a dedicated post, so collect them all!

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