Here we are again, after a long, hot and intense summer, with some updates. Mostly on Ben Seretan, to try and recap his italian tour of a few months ago and the good things it brought.

– First, we have Ben’s own tour diary/report, with words and pictures, in a long and beautiful post on his Tumblr, where among lots of other things I get the privilege of being called “a badass punk from back-in-the-day”. Thanks dude!

– We have some radio interviews and acoustic showcases as well: here’s one for Aperto per ferie on Bologna’s Radio Città del Capo, and here’s one for L’attimo fuggente, on Rome’s Radio Città Aperta.

– We also have some videos from the tour, from Bologna and Milano.

– Ben also wrote some new poems while on tour, here they are.

– Some nights ago, lastly, a very interesting and popular radio program called Batitti (on Italy’s public station Radio3) talked about Ben and played a song from the album. Here’s the tracklist and podcast.

– Ben Seretan’s self-titled CD is available on our Bandcamp page or by writing directly to us.

– We know what our next release, Love Boat number 15, will be. We still don’t know when it will be out, but if we were you we would preorder it now, even without knowing. Trust us.

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